Thursday, January 31, 2008

another pinoy in "american idol"

I was watching TV and I'm so excited to know that another fil-am,
Ramiele Malubay
got it thru the initial audition in the season7 of American Idol.
Her rendition of "Natural Woman" by Aretha Franklin was hot!!!
She's so pretty and her voice is amazing. I thought it was cute when she corrected Simon when he mispronounced her last name
(Malu-bey - Malu-BAY)
Truly a proud Filipina!!!
Simon thought that she was a good singer but not contemporary,
he said that she was more of a hotel singer..,
oh well.., we all know Simon.
But Ramiele got a yes from Paula and Randy.
Paula Adbul thought that she was a fine singer and performer
and Randy said she has a big voice for a very cute small girl.
Now it's your turn to see her and you be the judge.
This video is from ChariceCentral.

Visit Ramiele's official website.


Oh no!!! Its the last day of January.., can you believe it?!!!
and you know what this means?
February na!!! Malapit na naman ang Valentines Day!!!
Why do we even have to celebrate that day (bitter)?
Seriously now, what's the fuss with Valentines Day?
Same as always I'm going to spend this day with my fellow SMV
(Samahan ng mga Malamig ang Valentine)
with our SMB (San Miguel Beer).
What about you? How do you plan to spend your Valentine?
Share us your most memorable Valentine date.
Now is your time para mang inggit ng iba.
Just click the comment link below. Looking forward to your stories.
For everyone else with no Valentine date or story to tell..,
just text me and lets celebrate with our SMB!!!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

how to be a bum

It has been three months (and counting..,) since I resigned from work. Yes I'm unemployed (I'm not really proud to shout that out..,). After almost three years of working for a call center I thought that it would be great to pursue something that I really enjoy doing-bumming around. Hey it's not easy being a bum! My friends actually thought I'm enjoying it, but hey, little did they know it takes a lot of work to be a bum! So I've come up with my own tips for you guys, bums like me and the wannabes, on how to be a bum..,

Tip #1:
Resign from work!!! Come on guys I know you want to do that. Who wants to work for a merciless boss? or doing overtime work just for fun? I don't know about you guys but I'm no masochist.

Tip #2:
Don't report for work and stay in bed all day!!! O yeah! Is that fun or what? Just call the office and tell them you're having the day off. Stay in bed all day and just watch your favorite TV shows. Since I worked in the call center at night, I've missed out on all the telenovelas and cinenovelas on TV. I cant even watch my favorite noon time show since I have to sleep in the afternoon. And now I have all the time in the world to catch up on all those shows.

Tip #3:
Surf the net!!! Ok now we're talking! This is the perfect way to spend your whole day. Update your friendster profile, change the background, add friends to your list- now is the time to catch up with all your high school and college friends. You'll definitely feel delighted for your friends especially when you find out that your worst classmate in school just turned out to be a lawyer now and when they ask you about your work just tell them you're just too happy to meet them.., Dont forget to upload your videos on youtube. Who knows, you might be the next youtube sensation and be a super phenom! Or just put up your own blog page and scribble your way to your heart's content.

However you do it, just be sure that you're having fun because that will make it more rewarding.

pcsians93 christmas get together

PCSians93 group picture

Last December 22, 2007, my batchmates from PATEROS CATHOLIC SCHOOL class of 1993, had a mini christmas get together at Joanne Ponce's place in Pateros. The party started as early as 7pm but Aileenette Cababaro, Rhoel Roxas and I arrived at past 10pm (yes we had a grand entrance). We had a great time reminiscing all about our high school crushes, teachers and other fellow batchmates that we didn't realize that it was already past 4am when we left the place. Kudos to the organizers Joanne Ponce, Analyn Olivan, Annabelle Guardacasa, Eda Araneta and the rest of the gang. Adding more fun to the event was a raffle of prizes courtesy of Mr. Elmer Ringor. It was my first time to win in a raffle and it feels great!!! (thanks for the umbrella elmer). For more pictures pls visit and join and check out our friendster site ninety III. Its been fifteen years since we graduated from high school and i think it's about time we have a grand reunion, what do you say guys?

ang dami food!
roshel, me (ano ba ung binulong ko sau es?), rhoel (cno katext mo girl?)
elpidio (kain ng kain!), aileenette and annabelle (na umubos ng sprite.., hehehe)

Thanks for the umbrella Elmer!!!

I made a video of our get together and I posted it on youtube. A little tribute for everyone who attended. Hope to see more of our batchmates in our next get together.

my new web page!!!

hi guys! this is so exciting for me. i have finally made my own web page! (yippeee!!!) i dont know where this will lead me but this site has been made to share my thoughts with you guys. i was so inspired by christine "happyslip" gambito that i have decided to come up with my own space. today marks the start of a new adventure for me.., like the daybreak, this is a new day filled with endless possibilities. join me in my trip and let's all have fun.

Please check more of me in my friendster and youtube accounts.