Thursday, September 25, 2008

what happens now?

There's something about the rain that makes me gloomy.., it evokes a reflective mood. Here I am alone in my room watching as the rain falls down.., daydreaming.., wishing.., contemplating. What happens now? What's next for me..?

They say midlife crisis is experienced by middle aged adults who go through major life events that can cause a period of psychological stress or depression.., hmmm.., is this what's this melancholy's about? OMG!!! no way!!! I'm not that old (ahem!!!)

They say the average life expectancy for a Filipino guy is around 55 y/o. If that's so, fifty five divided by two is twenty seven and a half. WTF?!!! I'm way past midlife crisis!!!

The rain still pours down.., and me.., I'll just shrug the rain off. What's there to be disheartened of? We all go through some storm and bumps along the way. I know things will be better. There's thrill in the journey to the unknown. A new adventure awaits me.., and there's no holding back now!!!

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