Thursday, November 6, 2008

Going gaga over Survivor Philippines

I've always been a fan of reality game shows but never have i been so engrossed in it until now. Survivor Philippines has been part of my nightly rituals since it started airing back in September. I try not to miss it, and if i do, thanks to youtube I can catch up on the episodes. Last night's episode was particularly interesting because we see an alliance being torn as Cris and Kaye suddenly felt abandoned by their former tribe mates from Jarakay. I guess Marlon's plan of destroying the jarakay's alliance is working. I cant help but feel disturbed for him. People seem to hate Marlon because of his manipulation. Good thing it's only a game. Hope he's not the same guy outside Survivor. The only thing I find weird about the show is that it was shot in Koh Tarutao National Park, Thailand. It's a great place but the Philippines has a lot of beaches they could have shot the show. Tonight's episode will show them in an immunity challenge. Who will win immunity? Who will be voted out? It just gets better every episode.

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