Thursday, February 7, 2008

happyslip meet and greet

Oh yeah.., what a day!!! I still haven't awaken from the dream yet.., everything's surreal. I know, u might say it's a bit cheesy, but hey.., all of us look up to someone right? and Christine Gambito, aka happyslip, is my hero.

The event was made even more thrilling with Josh Verdes singing his songs that happyslip used in her videos, love at first sight, save me and, of course, home which he tailored especially for the Philippines. Everyone waited patiently to have their pictures taken with happyslip. It was like waiting in line for the MRT, but a lot better, because Christine is on the other end. Adding more fun to the event was a raffle of prizes courtesy of Yehey. (And I actually won.., hehehe). It was also a great opportunity for me to meet up with other bloggers, jonald and sonnie, whom I shared the table with and I got very interesting insights about blogging. Thanks guys!

Thanks Christine for inspiring me to blog! Now I'm off to my own adventure.., and yes, I'll always wear my happyslip. lol

me with happyslip

with josh verdes

happyslip signed this for me.., yehey!!!


  1. tol ano ga?ahehehe!nirepost ko tong vid mo pero nilagyan ko ng link mo pra bisitahin ka.100% Batangueno

  2. sya pala si happyslip, lagi ko sya kita sa facebook e nope yung word happyslip lang..masyado akong naleleyt sa kung ano man meron ngayon :) si Josh Verdez z ba o s? lol!! narinig ko yung kanta nya sa isang blog ng kaibigan

  3. just checked josh's website.., its really an s and not a Z.., hehehe

  4. hehehe..sorry dami ko ng hindi alam e...hirap tumira sa bundok lol!

  5. i feel bad because i totally missed this event. :( am a happy slip fan, too. you're one lucky dude!