Monday, February 4, 2008

i'm going to meet happyslip!!!

just found out today that i'm part of the happyslip meet and greet!!!
Oh my GOD!!! I cant believe it!!!
I must have done something right to deserve this privilege..,
hehehe.., (tamang senti)
But seriously though, it's such a great honor to meet my idol.
Christine was the one who inspired me to do blogging.
She roused my interest back to my first love
and now i feel at home doing these blogs.

almost missed this chance..,

I sent a letter to as soon as i learned
about the meet and greet in manila. they said that they are
going to mail a confirmation email within 2 days.
I waited patiently.., and patiently..,
til i ran out of tolerance and decided to email them again.
it's a good thing i did that because i just
received an email from them and they have confirmed that
my name is on the list!!!

i'm going to meet christine gambito!!!

while waiting for the confirmation email
i, unthinkingly, decided to empty out my bulk mail from my
inbox since they have been flooding my mail..,
( i really dont have time to check on each bulk mail and
unsubscribe from each of them.., but now i will!!!)
the people from yehey were kind enough to resend the
confirmation email which was dated january 30, 2008.

now it's official!!! i'm going to meet happyslip!!!

here's the list of the other bloggers.

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