Monday, March 31, 2008


Its been more than two months now since we reported to Globelines that we have been having problems with our internet and phone connections and until now they haven't done anything to resolve it. We got their Globelines wireless phone with unlimited internet connection and we have been experiencing all these hassles since day one!!! We have always kept our part of the contract.., we have been paying the bills promptly. It's Globelines who's not keeping their word. It's so ANNOYING!!! FRUSTRATING!!! INFURIATING!!! Every call we made would get disconnected and we have to dial again.., and again and again to finish our conversation. BAD TRIP!!! #@$&#!!!! Even the internet connection is busted. It took me 20min to log in to blogger. What's even more frustrating is that my entrecard credits have suffered because i cant do my dropping. They said that they really had some upgrades done in our area (Mandaluyong-Pasig) and that they are going to give us rebates for the days that we didn't have connection. They said it will be given on the next bill. When the next bill came there were no rebates made and they promised that it will be given on the next statement. Now I have lost hope on the rebates after three bills have passed with no freaking rebates!!! Their customer service and technical support group are very incompetent!!! It's such a waste of time talking to them. No one ever reads the notes they made except the next agent i talk to. They dont seem to have an active support group who resolves the customer's concerns. It's just so annoying and I never thought I would be even bothering to write this blog. I just have to release my frustrations.., thanks for listening.


  1. I heard about globe's unreliability from a friend who keeps on complaining about it. they say the wired version of globelines broadband is much better. I wasn't able to get that since it wasn't available in our area.

    switch to pldt na lang. though it's not perfect either, it's much better.

  2. Well, you're very much correct about your frustrations. Actually, I'm using Smart Broadband right now. And, it's not giving me any problems.
    I know someone who could help you. Buzz me if interested. I'm willing to help.

  3. thanks for listening.., eerrr.., reading my rants. thanks for the offer nhea, medyo ok na uli ang globelines ko after threatening them that i will seek legal advise re their service.., ayun wala pa 1 wk bumilis ang service. pero i'l let you know if maputol ulit para hingi ako tulong.., hehehe

    siguro pag natapos ang contract with globe i'l switch to pldt, i heard good feedbacks re their service, so far. di kasi available ang wired access ng globelines sa min kaya we used their wireless service. hai buhay..,