Tuesday, March 25, 2008


I was watching TV when I chanced upon a commercial plug from I-witness documentaries of GMA 7. They are going to have their first ever i-witness docu seminar and they are inviting 80 participants to attend this one day free seminar on documentary making. I was so excited when I learned about this seminar and I didn't waste any time. I thought that this would be a great opportunity for me to develop my storytelling and documentary making skills. I find video editing very interesting. It's such a great challenge to put together some videos and pictures and make a story out of it and I enjoy doing it. It's so much fun to document a special occasion in our lives. It's like laminating a part of your life that you wanted to protect to have for a long time. And this seminar is definitely an opportunity that I wouldn't want to miss. They asked for an essay to be sent to them regarding my favorite i-witness documentary. Only one episode popped in my mind when I thought of this, it was the wedding of Vicky and Jhune. A very special love story indeed. Both Vicky and Jhune are physically handicapped. Vicky has no hands and feet and Jhune is a polio victim.

I've always believed in the power of love. Yes.., I'm a hopeless romantic. I had my own share of love.., puppy love, crazy love, and yes, even the nasty and sickening kind of love. But whatever dreadful experiences I had in the past, it never hindered me from having faith in the good old fashioned love. Although some may have a cynical outlook about love.., it is really worth fighting for. And the trouble with love.., if you dont take chances, if you dont take risks, we end up risking even more. But there are people who are more than willing to take that chance in love, and the rewards are immense. These are the people who have fought and proved their love is remarkable.

Such is the story of Vicky and Jhune that was aired back in December entitled "A Special Wedding". Their love transcends physical limitations. But what even struck me was their unconditional love for their unborn baby. You know how, when expectant parents, sometimes reply when asked what gender they would prefer their baby to be? They would usually answer "kahit ano basta normal" (no gender preference as long as the baby is normal). What if, knock on wood, their baby turned out to be physically handicapped? Would they love them less? That made me reflect on my own perception about parenthood. Are we that hypercritical? But when Vicky and Jhune were asked what gender they would prefer for their baby, they simply answered "Kahit ano basta buhay" (no gender preference as long as the baby is alive). This story has made me realize that my insight on love is insignificant compared to theirs. And their story has made me even more of a hopeless romatic.., hehehe. But seriously though, It has moved me in a conclusive way. Love should always be unconditional, regardless of color, nationality, religion and even physical restrictions.

I just received an email from Jenny of I-witness and I was surprised to know that I was chosen as one of the participants for the docu seminar. OH yeah!!! I'm just so thrilled to learn about this great news. Thanks to I-witness for this great opportunity!!!

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