Monday, May 5, 2008

A Road Less Travelled

Today marks a new episode in my life.., I have officially graduated from my training and I'm about to start my job as a banker.., (yes I'm a bum no more) WOW!!! Such a long leap for a Physical Therapy graduate huh? It's funny how I got into the financial industry. I've always had odd jobs, I mean, jobs that has nothing to do with my college degree. I first worked as a medical representative for a local pharmaceutical company. I enjoyed the job and all the perks that came with it. I was in the pharmaceutical sales business for four years. But I felt exhausted doing the job and it came to a point that I would have to drag myself out of bed just to report for work. Enough was enough! It was time for a change. So I decided to take another leap, this time to the booming call center industry. A very enticing career change because of the promise of a bigger and better career opportunity, not to mention a far more superior compensation package. But the fascination faded, it failed to enticed me to stay in the business for long. Now I am in another dilemma. After doing odd jobs, I suddenly miss working in the hospital. I miss all the actions and toxic surroundings of the Rehabilitation ward (that's another name we call a PT clinic.., it's not a drug rehab center) Dont get me wrong, I love my job right now (because I just got started.., hehehe) I was actually inspired by my trainer, Louie, to get out of the box. She worked in our company for more than four years until she decided to resign and pursue a career in teaching for the academe. Some were surprised, but I could actually understand how she felt. She suddenly realized her purpose and she didn't think twice. She pursued a road less travelled. Wow!!! How many of us can actually do that? Can I do that? Do I have the guts to run after my dream? But what do I really want?

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  1. You will probably find as you go through life that your dream will change with the progression of your life. It takes time to figure out and find yourself. I don't think I have figured out my true self yet. I, as everyone else, am an ever evolving and and changing entity. When the time is right I think everybody has the guts to run after their dream.