Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Britain's Got Talent (Filipino Style)

I was so excited to see this video and I felt that this should be shared to everyone. Madonna Decena, 32 years old, a club singer from the Philippines, auditioning for Britain's Got Talent. What touched me most was her immense love for her children that I felt when she sang Whitney Houston's I will always love you. A very typical OFW (overseas Filipino worker) story. Finding job in a foreign land to provide their family, back in the Philippines, the best opportunities in life. I actually felt her heart while she was singing (goosebumps!!!). The judges, which includes Simon of American Idol, loved her performance. I admire people like Madonna Decena. A truly distinguished mother whose unconditional love for her children has led her to pursue a career away from her family. To Madonna Decena and to all the mothers out there who share the same story, I salute you!!!

Good luck!!!


  1. There is another Filipino in BGT. He is a half-pinoy/half-british 10 year old boy (mom is full Filipina)named CHARLIE GREEN who IMHO is more impressive than Madonna. He not only sings well but can also dance, play the keyboards, guitar and flute. Search for his video in youtube or click this link:

  2. Great video. A tear fell, after watching it... great voice... I think she will make it... Thanks for posting this video.

  3. hello, dropping here, hope you have a happy and great friday, see you again, bye