Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Out with friends


Batchmates from JP Morgan Chase Bank with teacher Louie.., lol

Party time at Pier1 Ortigas..,

mga bebe ko.., Terry, Shan, Sharmaine and Shy

Eat and drink all you can!!!

Before I went to the party, tsika tsika muna with good friends Karla and Liz at the Megamall

catching up with Jovi and Sondi and Carlo below..,

It was one hot hot hot night!!!


  1. lol.... ayan pala ang pinakakaaabangan mo huh ang huling photo, while scrolling down and reading the captions akala ko ang huling photo sa yo na hahaha.

  2. hi archie! i'm back. thanks for dropping by.

    re lipstick: you have to label it though " for nose bleed" hehe baka mapagkamalan ka hahahaha

  3. Me 2, I could feel the heat as well :)